5 Myths About HVAC Service

Truths About Quality HVAC Service

Everyone seems to have their opinion about HVAC service and AC system repair. There is so much misinformation circulating that it is difficult to tell what is truth and what is a myth. We have identified five myths about HVAC service so you can keep your HVAC system working properly.

MYTH: Your Air Filter Needs to be Changed Once per Year

Fact: Many people fall for this, or they simply forget to change their filter on a regular basis. This is much more than a myth, it can be a costly mistake. Your HVAC filter removes not only dust and debris, but it also removes harmful allergens like pet dander, bacteria, some viruses, mildew and mold.

If you have pets or suffer from chronic allergies, you will want to consider changing your filter more often.

MYTH: The Bigger HVAC System is Best

Fact: Bigger is not always better. If an HVAC system is too large, or too small your HVAC system will be less efficient. In addition to cooling challenges, removing humidity can be a challenge. It is important that you consult one of our HVAC service technicians to configure the properly sized air conditioning system.

MYTH: Your AC Does Not Require HVAC Service and Maintenance Until it is Broken

Fact: Do we use the same philosophy with our car? We don’t wait until we are sitting beside the road to consult with a mechanic. You take your car in for regular maintenance, oil changes, replace the tires, and have a tune-up.

Your AC system needs regularly scheduled HVAC service to ensure that it is working properly. This plan can and will save you big when compared to the costly repairs or replacement of a neglected AC system.

MYTH: Air Leaks in Your Ductwork Are Easy to Find

Fact: Air leaks can sometimes be very difficult to find. Our HVAC service technicians can assist to properly seal any leaks that waste energy and reduce efficiency. Our experienced experts can check for leaks and make the necessary repair.

HVAC Service From R.M. Mullinix

MYTH: Turning up/down the Thermostat is the Best Way to Heat or Cool Your Home

Fact: If your AC system is not functioning properly, your system may not ever reach the thermostat temperature setting. Lack of insulation, ductwork leaks, or wearing components are all factors that can affect the efficiency of your AC system.

To ensure that your home’s HVAC system is able to heat and cool efficiently, schedule regular maintenance with one of our HVAC service professionals.

HVAC Service From R.M. Mullinix

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