Commercial Electrical

Commercial Electrical Installation & Repair Services

Commercial Electrical Installation & Repair Services

Industrial & Commercial Electrical Inspections & Code Corrections

R.M. Mullinix provides comprehensive electrical inspections and electrical building code corrections for commercial and industrial businesses in Brazos River Valley region of Texas. Being completely knowledgeable of Texas’ electrical building code and safety regulations is our top priority. Keeping up-to-date on commercial building codes allows our experienced electricians to provide the most time and cost-effective service in the industry letting you and your team focus on productivity in safety.

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging StationsElectric Vehicle charging stations, or EV Charging Stations, are becoming more and more common as sales vehicles, delivery vehicles, and work truck fleets convert to EV for cost savings and energy efficiency. If your fleet is upgrading to electric vehicles, we know keeping those vehicles charged and keeping your team mobile & productive is a priority.  We offer convenient EV charging station installation for your office or commercial building. We have access to many EV charging stations makes and models and can review your specific requirements to pair you with the charging station that best fits your needs.

We have access to EV Charging Stations that support ALL auto makes & models like those from Ford (Mach-E & F150 Lightning), GM (Chevrolet Spark EV, Volt/Bolt), Nissan (Leaf), Volkswagen (e-Golf), Tesla (model 3, model X, model S), BMW (i3), Fiat (500e) and Kia (Soul EV). Contact us today to schedule a consultation and quote.

Additional Commercial Electrical Circuits & Outlets

Providing additional power for an expanded work area can greatly increase your productivity. Call on our professionals to ensure you have power where you need it while ensuring you aren’t overloading existing electrical circuits as you introduce new machinery to your office, commercial or industrial space.

Overloaded circuits aren’t just against safety regulations, it can cause short circuits, power interruptions, shocks, damage to machinery & equipment, as well as potentially life-threatening situations like fires. Updated circuits and efficient outlet configurations prevent power interruptions, power surges, connection disruptions, and it minimizes the risk of short-circuiting fires.

Commercial Electrical Breaker Box & Electrical Wiring

The circuit breakers in your building keep the electricity flowing consistently and protects your wiring from potentially overloading and overheating. Over time parts start to wear and break down from heat and age, which can lead to an overloaded circuit breaker. This could shut off power abruptly, damage your electrical devices, or put your business at risk.

Damaged or malfunctioning circuits, breakers boxes, or electrical wiring needs to be repaired immediately to reduce the risk of electrocution or fire. Our electricians can address any repairs to your breaker box and wiring, and when needed we can upgrade breaker boxes with improved safety features that will provide your business with reliable power & safety for years to come.

Interior and Exterior Lighting Solutions

Commercial Electrical Installation & Repair ServicesWhether you want to customize lighting overworking areas or increase your energy efficiency in your business, we can help. Our highly skilled electricians can assist in designing and installing lighting installations, no matter how big or small. We can assist with LED lighting designs, recessed lighting, conference room lighting, warehouse/showroom lighting, and industrial lighting.

Keeping the exterior of your business well-lit or lighting outdoor working and entertainment areas are our specialty. We can design security lighting systems to deter intruders, protect your property, and alert you of suspicious activity. Beautify your industrial facility or commercial property with low-voltage landscaping lighting.


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Searching for a Commercial Electrical Contractor?

Commercial electrical installs and repairs require high-quality materials and precise installations by an experienced commercial electrician team that desires professional results. Whether you need help with design a commercial electrical configuration for lighting systems, redesigning current electrical components, or adding to your current system, we can help.

Call our professional commercial electricians today at R.M. Mullinix at 979-822-4079, or fill out the information below and one of our electricians will call you as soon as possible. Remember we have financing options available with great options with up to 72-month terms with approved credit for projects such as whole-home generators and larger installs.

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