6 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

When the thermometer plummets, it’s important to keep your family comfortably warm. But you also want to minimize your heating expenditures, which can get quite high when there are long stretches of chilly winter nights. Inefficiencies in your heating system can raise your bill even further. If you notice any trouble with this system, you’ll want to have a reputable HVAC specialist come over to inspect the matter. Here’s a look at six tips for lowering your winter heating bill.

Lower Your Thermostat

You can potentially save 5% or more on your next heating bill by simply turning down your thermostat a few notches.

Install Programmable Thermostat

By establishing an efficient heating schedule, a programmable thermostat will help to save you money over the long haul. Though there are some upfront installation costs, it’ll be worth it over time because you can make sure you aren’t heating up your home when there is no need to be doing so.

New Air Filters

By changing out the filters in your heating system, it’ll be easier for warm air to travel freely through vents and into your living areas.

Seal Up Heating Ducts

Ductwork sometimes has small leaks through which heated air escapes before arriving in the area of the house that you’re trying to keep toasty.

Cover Windows Overnight

Especially if you have old windows that you know are drafty, you should cover them overnight so that warm air stays in, and cold air keeps out.

Maintenance Visit

For a heating system that is operating at optimal efficiency, it can be beneficial to schedule regular maintenance visits from an HVAC service tech.

If you’re in need of heating system repair or maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable company. For heating system repair in College Station and Bryan, TX, the experts to contact are at R.M. Mullinix at 979-822-4079. Feel free to give R.M. Mullinix a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your HVAC needs!

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