Benefits of Annual Residential Heating Maintenance

benefits-of-annual-residential-heating-maintenanceAs a homeowner it is your duty to keep all aspects of your home in proper working condition. This includes maintaining everything from the dishwasher and lighting fixtures to the roof and furnace.The latter, along with the rest of your home’s HVAC system, is critical for a number of reasons. Putting off heating maintenance can result in a number of problems for you and your family, particularly concerning your comfort and your checkbook. As the cooler months approach, it’s important to ensure your home’s heating system is serviced to prevent it from letting you down this winter.

What is heating maintenance?

Routine maintenance of the heating system is often done on an annual basis. Common aspects of furnace maintenance include, but is not limited to, oiling any moving parts of the furnace, ensuring that the pilot light is ignited, checking belts for wear, replacing the filter and addressing any strange noises that may be occurring. Additionally, you may want to consider vent cleaning, to promote clear passage of the heated air, for maximum efficiency.

Why conduct heating maintenance?

Because there aren’t many, if any, moving parts in a heating system, it may seem like a furnace and other HVAC components shouldn’t need maintenance, as a car might. However, without maintenance you could run into a number of issues. Here’s why HVAC maintenance is so critical.

  • Prevent HVAC Breakdowns – HVAC maintenance gives a technician a chance to replace parts before they fail. This prevents downtown and preventative maintenance is always less expensive than completing repairs.
  • Stay Comfortable – A well cared for heating system will help you stay warmer in the winter. Maintenance ensures your system operates at maximum efficiency.
  • Lower HVAC Bills – With routine maintenance your HVAC system will cost you less to operate on a monthly and annual basis. This is because it will operate more efficiently and will be much less likely to require expensive repairs.

As we enter the cooler seasons be sure to conduct routine maintenance of your heating system. If you need residential heating maintenance in Bryan or College Station reach out to the team at RM Mullinix. Our residential heating technicians provide full service heating and cooling services, including maintenance and repair. To learn more about our services or to request a quote from an expert residential HVAC technician in College Station or Bryan or the surrounding areas give us a call at 979-822-4079 today.

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