Air Conditioning Repair: How to Extend the Life of Your AC System

Parts of the Central Air Unit That Needs a Regular Air Conditioning Repair

Your Central Air system is mechanical and made of many different components. As they operate and wear on each other, they are bound to stop functioning or wear out. Chances are these parts that will fail at the most inopportune time and require a central air conditioning repair call. Below are parts of the air conditioning unit that needs a regular air conditioning service:

Evaporator Coil

Your central air conditioning system evaporator coil may not come in direct contact with dust and debris, but it still can get dirty. The coil must be cleaned if the dust and dirt accumulate. As the evaporator coil becomes dirty its efficiency decreases. The evaporator coil should be cleaned at least once a month.

Central Air Conditioning Filter

Your HVAC filter does exactly what the name says, it filters. It will filter dust, debris, allergens, bacteria, and some viruses out of your home’s indoor air. If the filter is too dirty, its efficiency decreases, which means that more pollutants stay within your home.

Drainpipes and Drip Pans

Your drain pan and the drainpipes for your central air conditioning unit must work properly for the system to function properly. Keep the drainpipe and drip pan clean and free of any debris that may clog any moisture that accumulates to cause a blockage.


The reaction between the compressor oil and moisture inside your central air conditioning unit creates a corrosive substance. A buildup of this substance can damage the condenser. A chemical cleaning by one of our central air technicians can be done to remove the corrosive acids. Due to the acidic nature of this chemical reaction, components will eventually have to be replaced.

Determining if You Need Central Air Conditioning Repair

Parts of the Central Air Unit That Needs a Regular Air Conditioning RepairYour central air system is crucial in maintaining comfort throughout your home. Without a properly functioning central AC system, not only can your home become uncomfortable, it can cause appliances to overheat, and cause other systems to work harder.

The heat of summer and inconsistent maintenance can put your central air conditioning system at risk. Do not prolong your central air conditioning repair and maintenance, call our NATE certified technicians today to save money on costly repairs.

If you have noticed a decrease in the efficiency of your AC system, call us today to schedule a central air conditioning repair appointment.

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