Ductless AC Systems: 3 Solutions for Homeowners

Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Beating the summer heat requires air conditioning in the heart of Texas. Most homes have a central HVAC system that requires maintenance and eventual replacement. During your conversation about installing a new AC or replacing your current unit, ask your air conditioning professional about a ductless heating and cooling system.

A ductless unit is not the normal fit, but in certain applications, it might improve cooling and offer a cost-effective solution for an otherwise impossible situation. Let’s review the top three solutions a ductless AC system has to offer.

Ductless AC Systems As a Retrofit

If you are rehabbing a home that is not already equipped with central AC, a ductless air conditioner might be a solution. Installing ducts as a retrofit can be extremely expensive; they require a demo and cause delays. Unlike central systems, ductless systems are attached to exterior walls with ease. Your installer can help you with placement to maximize space, and correctly size the units for your space. A ductless system can also be a budget saver for renovating a home without central HVAC.

Cooling Specific Spaces with Ductless AC Systems

A conventional central air system should cool every space equally, but the real-life application does not always follow the design plans. Perhaps your home already has central HVAC, but honestly, the upstairs bedrooms are still uncomfortable. Consider installing ductless AC units rather than increasing the number or size of ducts to those rooms.

The central AC system cools downstairs adequately, while the ductless units add cooling performance directly where it is needed without altering the entire system.

Extreme Cost Measure of Ductless AC Systems

Running central air conditioning for the entire home can get expensive, especially in July and August. If you are replacing an existing central HVAC, ductless AC units might be a solution to reduce cooling costs.

Central AC will remain the “norm,” but since ductless units are extremely energy efficient, a series of these units spaced properly in living areas could save on the cost of both installation and operation. Your HVAC technician can help you decide whether this technology will fit your needs.

Want more information about Ductless AC Systems?

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Ductless AC Systems: 3 Solutions for Homeowners

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