HVAC Maintenance: Winter-Proofing Your Home

HVAC Maintenance: Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Summer is about over and your HVAC system has taken a beating to keep up with the heavy demands of a South Texas Summer. Your HVAC unit may not be ready to flip the switch to heating without maintenance to keep the system running at its best. Before your HVAC system can switch gears, you’ll need to take care of its end of summer maintenance.

Here is a guide for HVAC maintenance tasks to get you ready for winter.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

Your air filter is the key to keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Dust and debris build-up will bring unnecessary work on your HVAC system causing it to use more energy and cause wear and tear on your unit. Replacing your HVAC filter will improve efficiency, reduce utility bills, and improve indoor air quality.

Check Your Thermostat Setting

Drained batteries can cause your HVAC system to power on irregularly or not at all. If you cannot remember when the batteries were replaced, replace them to make sure that a fresh set is installed and ready for the winter. If you are using a smart or programmable thermostat, make sure that your zones and settings reflect your wintertime temperature settings.

Inspect Your Ductwork

Keeping your ductwork clean is crucial to efficient airflow. Inspect your ductwork thoroughly for any wear and tear, breaches in the ductwork, or rodent infestations. Clogs, and dust and debris buildup will cause a loss in airflow and reduced efficiency in your furnace’s heating ability.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Appointment

Our HVAC technicians will provide the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures to keep your HVAC system functioning at its best. Remember, regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance can prevent costly repairs that can sometimes be avoided.

HVAC Maintenance: Winter-Proofing Your Home

Get Ready For Winter

As Summer ends, it is a great time to have your furnace services and a proper maintenance appointment by an HVAC maintenance technician. Planning ahead will make sure that your system is not delayed when the rush hits during the first cold front.

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