HVAC System Maintenance: 6 Tips for Heating Season

6 Essential HVAC System Maintenance Tasks for Heating Equipment

Replace HVAC Filters Regularly

Replacing your HVAC air filter is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep your HVAC system running at its finest.

When your air filter is clogged by dust and debris, the reduced airflow forces your unit to work hard and use more energy to maintain the same temperature.

Clogged air filters will also reduce indoor air quality. If the air filter is clogged, dust and debris are not removed from the circulating air and it stays in the air in your home.

This poor quality can worsen health conditions for people with asthma and allergies.

Schedule HVAC System Maintenance Regularly

Your ductwork, flues, and exhaust fans are the most neglected parts of your HVAC system. These system components are not regularly visible, so it is easy to forget that they exist.

Our NATE Certified Technicians will inspect ducts and vents for any dislocated parts, clogs, holes, or corrosion, so you can correct any problems that impact your comfort conditions.

Although ductwork repair seems like an easy “do it yourself” fix, we never recommend it. Damage to internal HVAC components can occur and be more costly to repair than the original issue.

Keep Exterior HVAC Components Clean

A regular step in your HVAC System Maintenance should be inspecting your exterior components.

Keep your condenser, flues, rooftop units, and drain lines free from any vegetation growth, grass/leaf clippings, rodent nests, or excessive standing water.

Each of these can create excessive wear and tear on your outdoor components and reduce their efficiency.

Inspect Your HVAC System for Mold

Moisture and standing water can lead to mold growth. A common problem area that can be susceptible to mold is your overflow drip pan and your drain line.

A good HVAC system maintenance plan will focus on inspecting the most common places where moisture can build up, clean the components if mold is found, and add agents to reduce mold build-up in the future.

Replace Worn/Damage Parts Immediately

Regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance can identify worn or damage unit components that are likely to fail in the near future. These failing parts can cause unnecessary strain on your system leading to larger and more extensive repairs.

Questions about HVAC System Maintenance?

Our technicians can provide a thorough inspection of your heating and air conditioning system to identify any potential problems.

Replacing worn or improperly configured HVAC components can significantly improve the efficiency of your furnace.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to repair or design any improperly installed ductwork systems.

For more information about R.M. Mullinix or heating systems, schedule an appointment, or visit our HVAC maintenance information page.

HVAC System Maintenance: 6 Tips for Heating Season


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