Is it Time for Residential Furnace Repair?

Your furnace is responsible for providing heat to your home. If it begins to have trouble you may find yourself piling on the blankets in order to stay comfortable. However, there are several other signs you may experience should it be time to call in an HVAC repair specialist. If you notice any of these symptoms of trouble then you will want to schedule an appointment for furnace repair, maintenance or replacement.

Skyrocketing heating bills

If your gas or electric bill, depending on which type of heating system your home operates, is reaching astronomical numbers it could be because the furnace is malfunctioning. Be sure to call in a HVAC specialist to have the system inspected for any problems.

Turning up the thermostat doesn’t change the temperature

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs that something is amiss is if cranking up the thermostat doesn’t result in a more comfortable home. You should be able to notice a difference in temperature within minutes of turning on a properly working heating system.

Strange sounds from the furnace

No, your furnace isn’t haunted, it just needs repair. If you notice banging, whining or groaning sounds coming from the furnace there is a good chance that a belt needs to replaced or an ignition problem needs correcting.

Reduced air quality

An ill-operating furnace may reduce the air quality in your home by spreading mold, dust and other airborne irritants throughout the house.

Window condensation

While condensation on your windows could be caused by any number of issues there is a possibility it is due to a poorly operating furnace. Give an HVAC expert a call to make sure everything is operating as it should.

End of the furnace’s lifespan

Most furnaces have a lifespan between 10 and 20 years. If your current furnace is anywhere in between that it may be best to replace it to prevent problems later on.

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