Is My Heater Failing? 6 Signs that Say Yes

During the stretches of cold winter nights, you want to feel confident that your heating system is going to reliably keep you nice and toasty. When you first notice a problem with your home’s heating system, you’ll want to call in a reputable HVAC technician. Here’s a look at six signs of a failing heater.

Inflated Electric Bill

In the event that you’re using the same amount of heat that you were at the same time the previous year, but now have a significantly higher bill, then the problem could be that your heating system is operating below efficiency.

Making Strange Sounds

Often, the first indication of a developing problem with your heater is that it starts making an abnormally large amount of noise. If you notice this, you’ll want to have a service tech come by to conduct an inspection.


If there’s cracking in the furnace heat exchanger, then carbon monoxide could leak into inhabited areas of your home and cause headaches, as well as other feelings of illness.

Yellow Pilot Light

A gas furnace should have a blue-burning pilot light. If it is yellow, the cause could be a lack of air and incomplete combustion. This symptom could also indicate the presence of carbon monoxide.

Often Needs Repair

Rather than continuing to dump money into repairing your existing system, it could be worth it to instead invest in replacement.

Short Cycling

Two issues that can cause short cycling are a clogged air filter and bad fan control.

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