Smart Thermostats: Creating an Energy Efficient Smart Home

Smart Thermostats: The Keys to Having a Smart HVAC System

Smart home technology and interactive home appliances are quickly becoming a popular trend with homeowners. No matter if you are embracing the technology or you are a skeptic, these devices have been installed in millions of American households.

From smart home hubs, smart plugs, to smart thermostats, this technology continues to evolve bring greater convenience and more energy efficiency to our homes. The number of resources that are available seems to be endless Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit™, Google Assistant, and IFTTT are a few of the most popular smart home devices.

In addition to smart home systems, the number of products that integrate continues to expand making your home easier to manage and more energy efficient.

Smart home devices are in half of all American homes and as statistics show that 57% of Americans using these devices have reported that they shave about 30 minutes off of their daily tasks. Homes with one smart device state that the first purchase has led to wanting more. Over 70% of consumers say they purchase of the first device led to the purchase of additional smart home devices.

Smart Thermostats: Save Money and Time

Smart thermostats were one of the first smart devices to hit the market. While programmable thermostats revolutionized heating and cooling temperature scheduling for enhanced energy savings, the smart thermostat now delivers the ultimate convenience where your HVAC system is concerned.

A Quick Look at These Interactive Devices

“Smart” means exactly that, a smart thermostat learns your behavior and your temperature preferences and schedule to optimize energy savings by optimizing your thermostat settings.

For a short period of time after your thermostat’s installation, you will manually set your thermostat. This allows your “smart” thermostat to “learn” your routine.

After learning your routine, the smart thermostat will take over and make automatic adjustments throughout your day to deliver the desired comfort while optimizing energy savings. In addition, your thermostat will provide reports to help you lower your energy consumption.

Your smart thermostat can also alert you when it is time for maintenance or if your system spikes energy consumption.

Your thermostat knows when you are at home, and when you are away, and it monitors weather conditions, humidity levels, and offers Wi-Fi connection to monitor your home’s energy consumption from anywhere, anytime, which adds to its energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats feature stylish design, customizable interfaces, touchscreen technology, and more to deliver as the ultimately connected portal to your home’s HVAC equipment.

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