What Affects the Costs of a New Air Conditioning System?

What Affects the Costs of a New Air Conditioning System?While the cooler months may be upon us, before long we’ll be cooking in the heat of summer once again. Before it is time to flip on the AC this spring, you’ll want to ensure it’s still working as designed. An older system may even still blow cold air, but it could be incredibly inefficient, costing you hundreds of dollars a year extra on your energy bills. In any case, be it poor operation, age or inefficiency, you’re going to want to explore your options for a new air conditioning system for your home so you don’t cook yourself this summer. As you shop about it’s important to remember that any quotes you receive on a new AC system may vary widely from one another based on a variety of factors, such as the following.

Type of Overall AC System

There are many different types of cooling systems that land at all different price points. Depending on your needs, the size of your home, the conditions you prefer and your budget, you’ll certainly be able to find a system that suits you. Some of the more common types of AC systems include central air, split AC, and heat pumps.

Size of AC Unit

The size of the AC unit that you will need to cool your home will vary depending on your house’s square footage. The size of the unit also affects the price, but you can’t get one that’s too small or else it will constantly run and never cool the entire home. On the flip side, an oversized air conditioner will cool the home faster than it can dehumidify it.

SEER Rating

The seasonal energy efficiency ration, or SEER rating, will help you understand how efficient a particular system is. The higher the rating the higher the efficiency of the AC system, and in most cases, the price.


If it is necessary to install, repair or replace ductwork in a residence in order to install the air conditioning unit the price of the overall system will be more expensive compared to a home that already has usable ductwork.

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