Signs that my home needs duct repair or replacement

What are the signs that my home needs duct repair or replacementIf your home’s ductwork falls into disrepair, you could end up with significant airflow issues, and could be stuck with a higher energy bill. At the first indication of a problem with your home’s ducts, you’ll want to seek assistance from a reputable HVAC expert. Here’s a look at how to tell if you need duct repair or replacement.

Damaged Ducts

Plastic ductwork is liable to become twisted and torn. If it’s clear to you that your ducts are damaged in this way, then you’ll want to arrange for repair or replacement. When ductwork is in such a condition, airflow could be directed to spaces in your home that don’t need it, thus unnecessarily increasing your energy bill.

Old Age

After about a decade, ductwork tends to become worn out, with inefficiency resulting from aging joints, seals, and seams.

Poorly Designed/Installed Ductwork

If you have good reason to believe that your home’s ductwork was poorly designed or installed, then you should take action to address it. When ducts don’t optimally function, significant energy loss can result.


In the event that mold has taken up residence in your home’s ducts, it could then send spores into your living spaces, which could pose health risks.

Air Is Too Humid or Too Dry

If the air in your home feels too muggy during the summer, or too dry during the winter, then faulty ductwork could be to blame.

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